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Proofreading & Editing Services

Note: We are not currently taking on any developmental/structural/content edits (projects that need to be restructured and/or rewritten).

Copy Editing Services

A copy edit will fix the following problems:

  • Spelling errors
  • Grammatical errors
  • Typos
  • Awkward sentence structure
  • Word usage errors (there/their/they’re, etc.)
  • Redundancies
  • Passive voice
  • Verb tenses
  • Style/formatting concerns
  • Flow problems

Fee = $0.01 (one cent) per word (without formatting) or $0.013 per word (with formatting).


40,000 words = $400.00 (at the $0.01 rate) or $520.00 (at the $0.013 rate)
50,000 words = $500.00 (at the $0.01 rate) or $650.00 (at the $0.013 rate)
100,000 words = $1,000.00 (at the $0.01 rate) or $1,300.00 (at the $0.013 rate) 

Proofreading Services

Proofreading is a minor polish (inserting missing commas, correcting the occasional typo, etc). Proofreading does not involve rewriting or editing. Instead, proofreading is for projects that are just about ready to go to your publisher, but they need one final pass.   

We charge $.005 per word for proofreading.

Our Process

When you choose our services, we will treat your manuscript as if it were our own. We're here to help your message shine, while maintaining your voice.

We use Microsoft Word's tracking feature so you can see our proposed changes, and we use Word's comments feature to ask questions for clarification. 

Our normal turnaround time is about four weeks. 

Who We Are

We are well versed in the Chicago Manual of Style, the style guide that most Christian book publishers use, as well as The Christian Writer's Manual of Style that publishers often refer to as a secondary guide when the CMS is silent. We are also familiar with the AP Stylebook used by newspapers. 

As such, we can edit book manuscripts, blog posts, website content or magazine articles.


Trish Porter, Olympian and author of "Rekindle Your Dreams," published by Bridge-Logos Foundation

My book "Rekindle Your Dreams" never would have been picked up by a publisher if it weren't for Lee Warren's critique of my book proposal. Because of his efforts, I was confident when I submitted my proposal to editors that it was solid, and grammatically sound. I recommend Lee to everyone who wants to increase their chances of being published. His corrections, questions and recommendations were invaluable.

Colleen Sullivan Clapper, author of "The Raindrops on the Windshield Sound Like Popcorn," WinePress

I had the honor of working with Lee Warren as an editor for my book. He was both thorough and thoughtful. He really took the time to hear where I was coming from and then edited the book accordingly. It is obvious that he is passionate about his work.  

Dr. Mark K. Mullaney, author of "From a Father's Heart to His Children"

The work you did for me was so professional and intuitive. You have a very keen way of pointing out mistakes and errors to beginners like me. You took your time teaching me and such great care to help me get my point across with precise clarity. You have a great gift in writing, more of a calling I would say. Your help enabled me to publish my work right away. 

Kat Crawford, author of "Capsules of Hope: Survival Guide for Caregivers"

Lee Warren is a professional who understands the voice of the author. Instead of just making editorial changes, he provided a sheet showing my repetitive mistakes with suggestions for ways I could improve the formatting of my manuscript as well as my clarity of thought. He taught me valuable lessons through his editing. I highly recommend Lee Warren's editing services.

Susan Barnes, author

Lee recently proofread two of my books and was very thorough. As well as the normal proofreading, I also asked him to change my manuscript into U.S. English [from Australian English], which was a lot more work than I realized. Yet, Lee completed the task with a level of detail that was well beyond my expectations. He is also very patient — a wonderful quality in a proofreader. My second book had a lot of the same mistakes as the first, which I totally missed, but he didn't complain. I'd highly recommend his work.

Sheryl Boldt, blogger

I appreciate Lee Warren’s professionalism as my copy editor because he’s able to communicate in a clear language which helps me move forward when I get stuck on a project. His critiques are thorough and offer suggestions which give added depth to my manuscripts. And, it’s a relief that he’s within email’s reach when I have questions. I truly enjoy working with Lee. Very importantly, I value Lee’s high standard of ethics involving his billing practices.  

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